Her ability to weave her story with such beautiful use of the English language is second to none



Until a few years ago, Lynette spent many years working as a teacher and running the English Department of a busy London secondary school. Prior to that she spent several years living and teaching in Greece. She gave up teaching to focus on her writing, thus fulfilling her childhood dream.

To date she has published seven full length novels, three contemporary romances (The Apple Tree, Wishful Thinking, Shopping for Love), two romances with suspense (In Loving Hate, The Nightclub), a psychological thriller (Killing Jenna Crane) and a chilling women's fiction/ghost story(Unworkers). She has also co-written a short science fiction story with her son (Surveillance).

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Lynette lives with her family in an early Victorian cottage in a picturesque village on the Surrey/London borders. When she’s not writing, she is usually to be found reading, catching up with friends and all the good films she missed while buried in a plot, gardening and learning to outsmart the family’s contrary cat.  She also provides editing and occasional online tutoring services.



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